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Welcome to 2019!

On this page I gather upcoming & ongoing exhibitions, performances and other works that are or will be presented publically.

In the beginning of 2019 I continue the artistic sound work for a piece recorded and initiated by artist and art activist Saadia Hussain. This work will be finished and published digitally in February. In March we start up a new collaboration in Botkyrka Konsthall. I also work with taking sound on location for a new film project by artist and director Johannes Nyholm (Jätten, Las Palmas, Dockpojken).

Following works are up and running and you may visit if you would like:

ENTER Mölndal, sound for a web based application for your smartphone initiated by Mölndals Museum and made by Marika Hedemyr and RISE Interactive. The application is site specific!

Tillsammans, The Museum of World Culture, Göteborg, Sweden, November 21, 2015 – many years ahead. Four soundscapes (one 4-channel piece and three stereo pieces) are incorporated in the exhibition.

Broderier och ljudverk, Skövde Art Museum in Sweden, June 29, 2013 – .



June 30 – Aug 12, 2018, the sound art installation Ur vatten to Ljudkonst på Nääs Fabriker, art festival in the surroundings of the old textile area of Nääs.

April, 2018, sound engineer and sound design for the first part of the film Konstnärligt arbete pågår, by Kerstin Bergendal.

Nov 18-19, 2017, Göteborgs Romanfestival, the sound installation Grenverk, a collaboration with Henrik Persson on the topic shadows inspired by the swedish author Maria Gripe.

Oct 14-22, 2017, Residency in Cortona, Italy

Sept 1 – Nov 10, 2017, Konstprojektet, Klass 3 B´s äventyr, sound for an art film made by Sarah Schmidt, presented at Göteborg International Biennal for Contemporary Art (GIBCA) in September 2017. Exhibited at Hammarkullens Konsthall

Sept 15 – Oct 1, 2017, Rails for Ragnhild, sound installation by railway tracks. Exhibited by the old railway bridge over the river Ätran in Ulricehamn.

May 14 – Aug 28 2016, ljud jord träd gård, Stallet at the Botanical Gardens of Göteborg, Sweden. 8 audiovisual installations made by Neta Norrmo and me take place inside and outside the new exhibition space. Later on the installations will be exhibited at other gardens in the country. Where? We will find that out in a near future!

April 3, 8 pm, 2016, Laurna Røde + Ben Lauber at Ausland in Berlin, Germany, performance. At this occasion me and David Sabel was joined by composer and musician Ben Lauber from Berlin!

Street Art Österlen, an audio visual poetic documentary film by Neta Norrmo where my sound art works conjoin the documentary sequences. A work in progress screening was made in Tomelilla, September 22, 2015. The film was completed as soon as winter allowed the final shots of Österlen. Screening dates to be announced!

June 13 2015, Gradation 2.0, at Musikspektra T Festival, Örebro. Gradation 2.0 is a sequal of Gradation, an improvisation played at Viva Las Palmas in May. Anna Melander playing flutes and me playing EBows and additional objects on electric and acoustic guitars.

April 28 2015, Gradation – an experiment improvisation by Anna Melander playing flutes and me playing EBows and additional objects on acoustic and electric guitars at Viva Las Palmas, Stockholm.

March 5-6 2015, Återupprättelsen (The Resurrection) – installation at Mediadagarna in Göteborg. In cooperation with Nätverkstan Kultur.

Dec 6 ( 2 pm), release of the video walk application Malmska valen at The Museum of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Nov 23 2014Uddevallavatten, KKV Bohuslän, Bottna/Hamburgsund

Nov 28-29 2014, (12-17), Uddevallavatten, Sjöfartsmuseet in Göteborg, Sweden.

Aug 19—24 2014, Laurna Røde ICELAND TOUR with Ragnhei∂ur Sigur∂adóttir Bjarnarson

Aug 19, Höfn, Listasalur Svavars Guðnasonar
Aug 20, Höfn, Listasalur Svavars Guðnasonar
Aug 21, Egilsta∂ir, Slaturhúsið, http://www.slaturhusid.is
Aug 22, Egilsta∂ir, Slaturhúsið
Aug 24, Reykjavík, Dansverkstæðið, http://danceatelier.is/https://www.facebook.com/dansverkstaedid

Aug 10, 2014, Kalvfestivalen, Kalv, Sweden
Rails for Ragnhild, sound installation in the beech forest of Kalv.

June 16—21 2014, On Sparse Ground  at BABEL Festival, Târgoviște, Romania

Dec 7, 2013, Knycklabruket, Not Quite in Fengersfors. Read more.

Nov 5, 2013, Laurna Røde, Pluss Pluss, Black Box Teater, Oslo, Norway

Nov 14—17, 2013, Laurna Røde at Friktion, Atalante, Göteborg.

Nov 15, 2013, 7 pm. Laurna Røde
Nov 14—17, 2013, Krísuvík Choir
Atalante, Göteborg, Övre Husargatan 1

Aug 31, 2013, 7.30 pm. Laurna Røde performance at Voices from the Waters Film Festival, Frilagret at Lagerhuset, Göteborg. At this special occasion Laurna Røde (me and David Sabel) works with the sound of the water as a drone, using e-bows and guitars.

Aug 31, 2013, 11 am -4 pm. The Grand Opening of Skövde Art Museum, Broderier och ljudbilder.

June 29, 2013, The Art Gallery, Skövde. At the re-opening of the Art Gallery, you will find the extraordinary collection of Ester Hennings embroidery works. Along with her works my sound installation and a video work by Neta Norrmo and Petra Johansson is exhibited – Broderier och ljudbilder.

June 23, 2013, performance with David Sabel and The Ikebana Contemporary Company, Teatro Ristori, Verona, Italy.

May 9 and 11, 2013, sound installation and live performance with David Sabel at Verona Risuona festival, Verona, Italy.

March 23, 2013, Libration, Textival at Kristallbaren, Stora Teatern. A collaboration between me and butoh dancer Frauke.

January 18—27, 2013, Hovering Abode, The Sounding Room at Röda Sten, Göteborg.

Jan 15, 2013, Visited – electronic tape piece, Sockerbruket, Göteborg

Sept 8, 2012, exhibition of Krísuvík Choir, Kulturnatt i Halmstad, Stadsbiblioteket Halmstad
July 27, 2012, live Performance, Norbergfestivalen
March 6—9, 2012, exhibition of Krísuvík Choir, Världskulturmuseet

Nov 25—27, 2011, exhibition, The Sounding Room, Röda Sten, Göteborg
July 16, 2011, live performance, Energeticon, Aachen, Germany
June 16, 2011, exhibition, Salong Grindsgatan, Stockholm
May 22, 2011, live performance Brösarp, Ljudmatiné at Atalante, Göteborg



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