soundSibling is me – Helena Persson – who mainly works with sound composition and sound art installations. The works are characterized by field recordings and realized as audiovisual, spatial, multi-channel installations. The installations often consist of cross-arts collaborations with architects, dancers, choreographers, film makers, musicians etc.


Sound serve as a deeper way of registering and understanding the environment, but also as a means of documenting life, often with focus on detailed, subtle and fragile sounds. By focusing on the details, the deconstruction of an already existing sound environment becomes reconstructed into a new sonic and spatial scenery, where acoustic and visual esthetics go hand in hand. Railway tracks and sleepers placed in a beech forest, singing like a choir of tuned and pitched railway and level crossing recordings. A hovering kaleidoscopic wooden sculpture sounding in the dark, surrounded by humming chairlifts and rumbling double bass bows. Or an obscure, foggy room filled with grass, where nature meets a dense industrial environment, sonically and visually.

Throughout the years I have approached sound in multiple ways that stretches from artistic works to working as a sound technician and sound designer for film. I collaborate in experimental cross over art constellations and give sound walks and workshops.

Besides the installation art I also performs live in a couple of constellations. The live performances of today are experimental and improvised, preferably played with EBows on guitars along with David Sabel (guitars and electronics) or Anna Melander (flutes). I have formerly written and performed music and lyrics as a duo with Lisen Rylander Löve (Midaircondo, Splendor). Later on a more instrumental era emerged involving musicians as Dag Rosenqvist (Jasper TX) and Nils Wohlrabe (The Leather Nun). I  also appear as composer and musician in a couple of theatre plays.

In the qualification list below you can find a selection of the projects and festivals in which I have worked as either project manager, producer, coordinator or similar.





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