scending and descending perception of imaginations and notions
endless variations within shades of a tone

Anna Melander – flutes
Helena Persson – EBows and additional materials on electric and acoustic guitars

Our aim is to move within a certain state of mind, through minimalistic tone languages and improvisations. Gradation, which is the name of all our pieces, is not the name of a constellation. It is a phenomena that explores gradual changes through our instruments. Every Gradation is unique.

Our first Gradation was played at Las Palmas, Stockholm, in company of the beautiful plant Strapelia Asterias. The second Gradation, Gradation 2.0, was played at Bio Roxy in Örebro, during a festival arranged by Musikspektra T. Here is a recording of it: Gradation 2.0. The film screen at the theatre was lit up by a Monstera deliciosa.

More about Anna Melander.


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