Rails uploaded

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Check out this new upload on Soundcloud – Rails for Ragnhild  

Bar∂arbunga drone

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Thanks to all of our audience in Höfn, Egilsta∂ir and Reykjavik in Iceland! We are so happy that you all took us with open arms. This trip will be remembered for lots of things. One is the very interesting work in progress with Ragnhei∂ur Sigurðardóttir Bjarnarson that me and David – Laurna Røde – experienced during the whole trip. Another is the presence of potential eruptions of the Bar∂arbunga glacier volcanos. Very inspiring for us as a drone duo. Laurna Røde can´t wait to go back!

Laurna Røde Tour Dates Iceland with Ragnheiður Sigurðardóttir Bjarnarson

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Aug 19 – 24, Laurna Røde ICELAND TOUR
Ragnhei∂ur Sigur∂adóttir Bjarnarson

Laurna Røde – in collaboration with the Icelandic artist Ragnhei∂ur Sigur∂adóttir Bjarnarson are visiting 3 cities around the island to play the performance Gelid Phase. Here´s our schudule!

Aug 19, Höfn, Listasalur Svavars Guðnasonar, 12.15 at noon
Aug 20, Höfn, Listasalur Svavars Guðnasonar, 5 PM
Aug 21, Egilsta∂ir, Slaturhúsið, http://www.slaturhusid.is, 8 PM
Aug 22, Egilsta∂ir, Slaturhúsið, 8 PM
Aug 24, Reykjavík, Dansverkstæðið, http://danceatelier.is/,https://www.facebook.com/dansverkstaedid, 5 PM

Rails for Ragnhild – Kalvfestivalen

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Aug 10, Sunday
9, 10 and 11 PM
Meeting point at the church, Kalv, Sweden (map below).

6 and a half years ago, I got the message that my grandmother was dying. When I arrived she was already dead. She lived most of her life close to the railway. Maybe this is why, at the end of her life, I sometimes found her sitting in her room, waiting for the train. As if her room was a train station. This Sunday I will make a tribute to her. Rails for Ragnhild is a way for me to give my grandmother a more beautiful station to wait for that train to come – something I often wished for her. The sound installation is a part of a musical walk in the beech forest at the Kalv Festival.

Meeting point for the walks is the church in Kalv. It starts at 9, 10 and 11. Most welcome Sunday Aug 10!

Söndagen 10 aug
9, 10 och 11
Mötesplats är kyrkan i Kalv

För drygt 6 och ett halvt år sedan nåddes jag av beskedet att min mormor låg för döden. Jag hann inte fram. Hon levde den största delen av sitt liv vid en järnvägsräls. Kanske var det också därför som hon ibland i slutet av sitt liv satt på sitt rum och väntade på tåget, som om hennes rum på demens-hemmet var en tågstation. På söndag gör jag en hyllning till henne. Rails for Ragnhild är ett sätt för mig att ge mormor en finare station att vänta på – något som jag ofta önskade henne. Ljudinstallationen är del av en musikalisk naturvandring i bokskogen på Kalvfestivalen.

Vandringarna börjar vid kyrkan kl 9 10 och 11. Välkommen till Kalv den 10 augusti!

On Sparse Ground – video documentation

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On Sparse Ground at BABEL Fest

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Today June 16 the BABEL International Performing Arts Festival opens in Târgoviște, Romania. From tomorrow June 17 at noon, On Sparse Ground, a multi channeled sound art piece, will take place in the Chindei Tower, built in the 15th century. The tower and its three floors winding stairs will be explored sonically by field recordings from encounters with reindeers in the northern parts of Sweden, under the impact of a sparse landmass. The collected sounds are put together for this special occasion.

The BABEL International Performing Arts Festival has reached its fourth edition, reprising its activity after a five year hiatus. This year’s edition will take place between the 16th and the 21st of June, in multiple indoor and outdoor locations around Târgoviște. Read the program? On Sparse Ground in the program.

If you are anywhere nearby, enjoy!

Hovering Abode Part II at CHROmOOs Festival, DasMoosdorf

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April 5-6, Moosdorf-Korrektive, Berlin, Germany.

DasMoosdorf, a new cultural venue at Treptower park, run by the Moosdorf-Korrektiv e.V., will open its gates to the public for the first time during a 36-hour festival at the beginning of April. Apart from an extensive music program on two stages with acknowledged musicians and Dj’s, the festival offers a platform for contemporary dance and performance as well as a mini-film festival.

Once again Eduardo da Conceição and I get to work together with the Hovering Abode series. At the festival you will find Hovering Abode Part II, which is an extension and development of the previous sound art piece Hovering Abode. This work is a collaborative artistic research and it will be an interdisciplinary experiment when it comes to both inspiration and expression. As soon as we start building, we know more about the process…

Will we meet in Berlin April 5 – 6? Hope so!

Black Box Teater Oslo Nov 5

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Laurna Røde makes an unexpected concert at the event Pluss Pluss, Black Box Teater in Norway. Lots of fantastic stuff going on tonight! On stage 7.30 pm. Hope to see you there!

Laurna Røde

About the event

Link to Black Box Teater

Laurna Røde at Voices from the Waters

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At this special occasion Laurna Røde (Helena Persson and David Sabel) works with the sound of the water as a drone, using e-bows and guitars. The duo carves out a soundscape from silence and chaos, an intense and at the same time peaceful sound experience where frequencies and harmonies are in focus.

Aug 31, 7.30 pm
Frilagret at Lagerhuset, Göteborg
Voices from the Waters Film Festival
No entrance fee!

BRODERIER och LJUDBILDER at Skövde Art Museum

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Re-opening Skövde Art Museum
June 29, 11 – 16 and Aug 31, Time TBA
Skövde Art Museum

Ester Henning was institutionalized for more than 60 years, and never really accepted as an artist. After her death her embroidery works was donated to the Art Museum of Skövde. At the re-opening of the museum, June 29, s sound art piece by Helena Persson and a video installation by Petra Johansson and Neta Norrmo will be added to her exhibited works.  

Most welcome to the opening!

Read more about the opening.






Ester Henning 29 år med konstnärsambitioner. Schitzofren.

Solberga, Säter, Beckomberga, Långbro.


Inlåst och förbjuden; färg, tråd, lera.

Tillstucken tråden. I rörelse. Stygn av sinnestillstånd.

Trasor, lakan, örngott. Hoprafsade band och trådar. Knappar. Nålar.

Gömma undan. Passa på. Förbud.


Fyra hus. Fyra träd. Fyra hörn att gå emellan.

Ett litet rum på vinden. Ett eget rum.

Regnet på taket i detta rum, just i detta rum.  Just Säter.

Regnet. Stanna. Stillna. Egen tid. Droppa. Sippra. Forsa.

Klockan går idag som då.

Tiden. Schema. Arbetspass. Utegång.

Sova. Vakna. Nycklar.

Raka linjer. Stärkta lakan. Sträckta lakan.

Promenad runt runt.

Insulinsprutornas glansigt blommiga ansikten.

Sängar, slangar, spännrem.

Munnar. Armbågar. Lukt.  Tätt. Trångt.

Fläckigt. Fransigt.

Osnygg. Orolig eller stormig.

Petra Johansson 
            Curator och filmare
Neta Norrmo                  Curator och filmare
Helena Persson              Ljudkonstnär