No More Yarn (Aldrig mera garn)

November 27th, 2023 § 0 comments

The work title “Aldrig mera garn” or “No more Yarn” is a workshop based project which highlights the phenomenon of the textile work and the textile industry around Sjuhärad in the western part of Sweden. The project investigates, experiments and draws attention to the sounding world that people find themselves in through their craft. The experiments take place at selected locations in the textile route and draw on practical and artisanal judgments that the practitioner makes use of through sound. 

The workshops are carried out through conversations, interviews, experimenting, recordings and filming with textile practitioners. It is a multi-layered project that has come to touch upon aspects such as heritage, gender, society and politics.

The workshops, concerts and exhibitions are carried out from March 2023 and onwards. The first public performance was carried out in July 2023 (Intryck i örat – uttryck i handen) and performances will most probably continue in diverse forms until 2024.

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