Laurna Røde plays at Verona Risuona

Laurna Røde at Verona Risuona, Photo: Staffan Mossenmark

When I play live music and improvisations they are performed in a number of constellations and played on different instruments and objects. I come from a music background where my voice was in focus and with jazz and afro american music as the starting point. Later when I got deeper into exploring sound, my musical practice also changed into improvisations, playing with dissonances and vibrancy, field recordings and exploring my voice in new directions.

Here you can read more about some of the projects that I am involved in:

MISOK – Me and Leif Jordansson playing strings with fingers, bows, E-bows and several preparations. The album Able to Land is a two track experimental, ambient, drone record where various strings and sounds are processed with mixed with field recordings.

The Great Learning Orchestra – a network of about hundred musicians who explores music and listening.

Laurna Røde – E-Bow improvisation duo with David Sabel

March 23, 2013Libration, Textival at Kristallbaren, Stora Teatern. A collaboration between butoh dancer and choreographer Frauke and Helena Persson.

Libration from Helena Persson on Vimeo.


Photo: Palle Dahlstedt


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