Genom glas

Genom glas – Malmska valen from Helena Persson on Vimeo.

Genom glas is a video and sound art piece, made for the video walk application “Malmska valen” – a story of a whale that got stranded on the coast of Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1865. The film Genom glas, embedded in the application, was created while looking through the pictorial archived material from the Museum of Natural History, filmed by the 3 curators Petra Johansson, Neta Norrmo and Sarah Schmidt. Moving pictures of shiny jars of glass, containing the guts, brains, eyes and organs originated from the historical whale that travelled through Gothenburg, down to Europe and back again, constitutes the ground of the work. The sound composition is inspired by these pictures. The application is a collaboration between the Museum of Natural History of Gothenburg, The Museum of Gothenburg and the 3 curators.

Do you want to experience the video walks? Just download the free application on AppStore, search for “Malmska valen”. You will find 5 video walk that takes you through the city of Gothenburg, giving a historical review of the story of the whale, as well as fiction. Along the journey several art works are staged by dance, music, film, sound art and text based monologue.


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