ljud jord träd gård

8 audio visual installations

Sounds from and beyond the garden
Listen to the garden at all levels from without and within

2016 - 687This exhibition lets you hear the garden and those working in and on it. It’s about boundaries. Those we base our lives on and those we only divine. It’s about control and wildness.

The audiovisual presentations in this exhibition aim to arouse your feelings for the life and sounds in the garden, through time and space, minor as well as majestic. They stimulate us to reinterpret reality and its infinite spaces.

We spent a year making field recordings in Sweden, from north to south, focusing on sounds, voices, and film. The participants were:

Wafaa Ghonaim, Annika Gry, Mia Gröndahl, Maryam Hajj Hassan, Nura Jusu- fovic, Anders Jönsson, Pasi Karjalainen, Erika Lindh, Mariana Mattsson, Hannu Sarenström, Reginald Scholz, Soniya Sjöberg, Sanna Töringe, Elin Unnes, Obilot Zeuschel.

Neta Norrmo, film-maker and cultural journalist, prize-winner for her film Women on Walls, represented at the Jönköping County Museum and at the Skövde Art Museum.

Helena Persson, sound artist, represented at the Skövde Art Museum and at the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg.

Here is an experpt from one of the eight audio visual pieces – SKIKT – documented from the exhibition. SKIKT is a sonic window  telling peoples stories about their relation to the subterrestrial and the aboveground earth.

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