Sound art installation, sculpture, screen print on metal

Grenverk is a sound and art installation that I made together with Henrik Persson – artist and also my brother. The piece was exhibited at Göteborgs Romanfestival (a Novels Festival in Göteborg), Nov 18-19, 2017.

This years edition had a special seminar discussing the authorship of Maria Gripe – well known for every young Swedish reader. Me and Henrik were asked to make an installation on the theme shadows – referring to a specific series of novels written by Maria in the 80´s. This is how we ended up in our first collaboration as siblings and artists.

Photo 1, Audio Visual Installation:
Branches hanging from the ceiling, black wooden circle, light bulb, stereo sounds from the forest and additional stereo sounds from doves.

Photo 2, Art Work
A portait of Maria Gripe. Screen print on metal.

See documentation video of Grenverk on Vimeo.
See more videos of installations.



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