Sanen Song

Sound installation

Have a look at a documentation from the exhibition:

Field recorded impressions from a specific geografic area – the surroundings of the Koster Islands on the Swedish west coast – form a spatial sound composition integrated in heavy metal sheets named Sanen Song. From the metal sheets you hear the 8 channel electro acoustic piece.

The composition is an interpretation av the geografical space, where Helena plays EBows on zithers, but also a collage of field recordings from the area – crackling fires after deforestation on Sanen, rippling from melting ice at Nästången, dripping waters creating rhythmic patterns changing with the increasing heat of the day, the Koster ferry approaching, passing and leaving the long sandy beach east of Långagärde, whining forests west of Vettnet, singing crowns of trees in Pumpedalen and creaking ice nearby Korsholmen. The art piece is an attempt to let a place talk to you and then respond to it.

Sanen Song was exhibited at the Art Gallery Lokstallet, Strömstad, Sweden, May 2 – June 6 2021. The piece was one of three installations in the exhibition Common Ground with composer Rosali Grankull, textile artist Hanna Norrna and soun d artist Alessandro Perini. This constellation will be further exhibited during the summer 2022 at Not Quite, Fengersfors, Sweden.

At the finissage saxophonist Lisen Rylander Löve and percussionist Henrik Olsson were invited to improvise along with the installations during a consert.

The installation was supported by Klangbotten/Levande Musik and The Swedish Arts Grants Commitee.

Technical info:
8-channel sound installation in sheet metal, 13.30 min in a loop
Metal sheets (5 pieces 2×1 m, 5 pieces 1m x 0,40 m + smaller pieces)

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