Hovering Abode

Sound installation and Sculpture
4 + 6 channels (4 exterior, 6 interior), div duration – Helena Persson
Sculpture – Eduardo da Conceição

A sound art installation exhibited at Röda Sten Konsthall, Göteborg, Sweden, Jan 18—27 2013.

The piece is a collaboration between me the Portuguese architect and artist Eduardo Conceição and me. It is an interdisciplinary experiment when it comes to both inspiration and expression. The installation contains field recordings that surround the listener and the hanging and sounding sculpture. Hovering Abode deals with the question of putting yourself in a constant flow of situations, impressions and places. It explores the possibilities of a mobile life and at the same time it tries to maintain stability without loosing ground. And at the same time again, does this kind of improvisation and mobility create new patterns and procedures for the person who experiences it? 

Technical information:
10 speakers in total

(4 speakers creating a room playing 2 stereo tracks + 6 speakers and tracks within the sculpture playing one channel/speaker)
Size of sculpture: 130×100 cm

The field recordings are a mix of down hill skiing, chair lifts, trams in Lviv, inside and outside a helicopter in Faroe Islands and a walk in frozen gravel in Säter, Sweden. You will also hear samples derived from the tune Farmers by Thus:Owls and a part of the intro from All that I need, Kullrusk. Listen to the tape piece Visited from one of the speakers of the interior.

The recordings surrounding the sculpture contain ski lifts and a rumbling double bass played with bow by Josef Kallerdahl and Helena Persson. Listen to the Exterior sounds

The sculpture design and construction is created by Eduardo Conceição.. The exterior is made of balsa wood and the inner construction of wood. The speakers of wood within the sculpture are built and designed by Helena Persson.

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Hovering Abode postcard 01
Hovering Abode postcard 02

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