No More Yarn (Aldrig mera garn)

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The work title “Aldrig mera garn” or “No more Yarn” is a workshop based project which highlights the phenomenon of the textile work and the textile industry around Sjuhärad in the western part of Sweden. The project investigates, experiments and draws attention to the sounding world that people find themselves in through their craft. The experiments take place at selected locations in the textile route and draw on practical and artisanal judgments that the practitioner makes use of through sound. 

The workshops are carried out through conversations, interviews, experimenting, recordings and filming with textile practitioners. It is a multi-layered project that has come to touch upon aspects such as heritage, gender, society and politics.

The workshops, concerts and exhibitions are carried out from March 2023 and onwards. The first public performance was carried out in July 2023 (Intryck i örat – uttryck i handen) and performances will most probably continue in diverse forms until 2024.

Comment on World Economy in sound

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What is the biggest problem in world economy?

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the podcast Kaptitalet that wanted me to comment the topic with a sound piece and a short interview. I ended up with creating the short piece Gaps which brings forward the nature, culture and diversity as main bricks in a sustainable world, where uniform and standardised economy erases the multiple expressions that feeds us with joy.

The short interview was made by Åsa Secher. Here you can listen to the interview and the sound piece Gaps.

Playing for Potatoes

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The video “Playing for Potatoes” reflects on my current situation as artist trying to work during the Corona crisis. The sound art video covers a topic that is personal, but also shared with so many other musicians and artists, since our music becomes alive when we meet our fellow musicians and the listening audience.

The project was supported by NRW Kultur International. Please have a look at more videos from NRW KULTURsekretariat at

Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl

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Finally our vinyl is out there – MISOK – Able to Land!

Cover art work and handmade screen prints by Henrik Persson.
The record includes two short stories by Kit Lundborg.
The edition is limited to 250 copies.

Do you want to buy a copy?
Get your copy by foot in Göteborg or Stockholm by contacting us (without shipping cost) at

Buy your copy at Bandcamp and it is sent straight to your door!

Misok album Able to Land on Spotify

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For those of you who already thought you heard it all: – Here´s something that you did not already hear! This is the album that Leif Jordansson and I have been working on lately and we are so happy to finally be able to share the music with you!

Listen on Spotify:

And please feel free to share the album if you like it!

? In September we will invite you for fresh air release vernissages in Gothenburg and Stockholm ?

Exhibition Platsspecifikt Lokstallet – postponed

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The exhibition Platsspecifikt Lokstallet, is site specific sounding art where three composers – Rosali Grankull (working visually with Hanna Norrna), Alessandro Perini and I – are exhibiting at the art gallary Lokstallet in Strömstad, Sweden. From different angles we conquer the open space of the art gallery with three sounding pieces.

My contribution is a sculptural graphic score in metals that also function as speakers for a site specific sounding 8 channel piece. At one point of the exhibition period I will gather some of my favorite string musicians to play the score with me.

The opening date, first set to May 2 in 2020, is postponed a year and will take place in May 2, 2021.

Very much looking forward to exhibit with these lovely artists and I can´t wait to be part of the upcoming year when we actually are getting started with building this exhibition on mutual ground.

Read more about the other composers:
Rosali Grankull
Alessandro Perini

Album release – MISOK – postponed

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MISOK is Leif Jordansson and me playing strings with fingers, bows, EBows and several preparations. Sounds are processed and mixed with field recordings. The release of our album Able to Land was scheduled to May 2020 but is now postponed to autumn 2020. We will get back to you with a date!

Due to delays in the pressing of the vinyl we got some extra time to play around with papers and ideas around the screening print and art work made by Henrik Persson. Soon we will get started in the factory though and create these nice babys for you!


Metals and Materials

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Just recently I started to explore the acoustics and tonal properties of bronze, brass, aluminium and tin that will constitute the ground material for a sculptural graphic score and sounds installation. The piece will be played and exhibited during the exhibition period with opening May 2, 2020, at Lokstallet in Strömstad, Sweden.

Last year, I started to study former works of graphic scores, which gave me many new experiences and meetings with lovely musicians, and I made my own first graphic score during an experimental session with Leif Jordansson, Peter Norrman and Anna-Karin Brus at Fylkingen. In this work I aim to prolong the estetics of a graphic score into a sounding sculpture that at the same time works as a score for live performances during the exhibition period.

Mykorrhiza – Interpreting belonging, intertwining and feeling connected

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In December I had the luck to work in yet another project with a choreographer and dancer, which I have not done for quite some time. To me, it is special to follow the process of other artists and disciplines. To understand more of other expressions and to develop through getting to know other artists minds. That´s what makes collaborations so valuable.

Mykorrhiza is an ongoing choreographic work with dance, sound and conversations, made by Ina Dokmo. Ina´s work explores and converses around experiences of belonging with things. Questions like What do you feel intertwined with as you read this? are explored and performed through movement, recorded interviews and conversations with the audience. As starting point the visitor is introduced to the piece by following a meditative sound journey, while watching the choreography of the ongoing work. The ongoing work contains recorded interviews on the subject and during a part of the piece you can hear my interpretation of belonging, feeling connected and how I intertwine with my surroundings through sound. Very fortunate to have had the chance to explore this topic myself!

We had one process workshop in Mölnlycke Jan 11 and the following performance was hosted by The Art Gallery in Bohusläns museum, Jan 18-19, 2020.

More performances to come in May 2020 in Göteborg, Sweden.

Read more about Mykorrhiza by Ina Dokmo.

“Vädjan till yttrandefriheten”

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Today I had the privilege to record 40 children singing a song in the beautiful Orgelsalen at the Academy of Music and Drama in Göteborg.
The song is called “Vädjan till yttrandefriheten” (“A plea for the freedom of speach”) and will be opened in June at the public space Pehr Erikssons Plats on Haga Nygata in the old town of Göteborg.

The children created the song through discussions about freedom of speech and democracy as part of the art project Hagavågen – a public art project initiated by the artists Signe Johannessen and Erik Rören.