Mykorrhiza – Interpreting belonging, intertwining and feeling connected

January 20th, 2020 § 0 comments

In December I had the luck to work in yet another project with a choreographer and dancer, which I have not done for quite some time. To me, it is special to follow the process of other artists and disciplines. To understand more of other expressions and to develop through getting to know other artists minds. That´s what makes collaborations so valuable.

Mykorrhiza is an ongoing choreographic work with dance, sound and conversations, made by Ina Dokmo. Ina´s work explores and converses around experiences of belonging with things. Questions like What do you feel intertwined with as you read this? are explored and performed through movement, recorded interviews and conversations with the audience. As starting point the visitor is introduced to the piece by following a meditative sound journey, while watching the choreography of the ongoing work. The ongoing work contains recorded interviews on the subject and during a part of the piece you can hear my interpretation of belonging, feeling connected and how I intertwine with my surroundings through sound. Very fortunate to have had the chance to explore this topic myself!

We had one process workshop in Mölnlycke Jan 11 and the following performance was hosted by The Art Gallery in Bohusläns museum, Jan 18-19, 2020.

More performances to come in May 2020 in Göteborg, Sweden.

Read more about Mykorrhiza by Ina Dokmo.

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