3 podcasts for winter listening

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Do you want to listen to three art residency podcasts that I have worked with during the winter for Art Inside Out? Here you go!

Kristina Müntzing: Om handens och kroppens minnen → http://artinsideout.se/se/skift-askhult/podcast/om-handens-och-kroppens-minnen

Klára Petra Szábo and Tamás Szevt: Artistic residency as a way of living → http://artinsideout.se/se/skift-askhult/podcast/om-arkiv-kollektivt-minne-och-perception

Cora Jongsma: Cultivating of the land by the humans → http://artinsideout.se/se/skift-askhult/podcast/om-manniskans-kultivering-av-land-en

Sound arting with Saadia Hussain

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While darkness is covering the country both in terms of lack of daylight and political government, my monitors are sounding of colours and voices from an art collaboration initiated by Saadia Hussain.

Saadia had an art residency in Halmstad this summer, where she spoke to and recorded a great amount of people about the meaning of home. Right now I am working to boile these many hours of material down to a sound art piece. We will be able to present the work for you in January 2019!

Sound engineering in beautiful chaos

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Seeing this picture you might think I am on a nice holiday break. As a matter of fact it is quite the opposite. Behind this beauty we are shooting a rather chaotic short film by Johannes Nyholm in the small village Björnhammaren in Örebro County. The recordings take place in October and November and I will do my best to keep my feet on the ground while sound engineering. If you haven´t seen his former works like Las Palmas, Dockpojken and Jätten, you have a lot to enjoy in the meantime before this one is delivered. More to come!

Nordic Sound Art Exhibition

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Summer started off super nice with working site specific at a unique place called Nääs Fabriker, an old textile factory area in Nääs/Tollered, Sweden. During one intense week, my work was taking form and developed from one idea to another.

In this exhibition, the installations and sound pieces has their starting point in the historical significance of Tollered, Sweden. Nine sound artists from Finland, Norway and Sweden are invited to work on spot with their installations the week before the opening. The aim is to emphazise the relevance and history behind the textile factory that characterize the area even today.

For this special occasion, I found one magic spot that attracted me more than others. I started to work with the sounds from the area along with the systematic work of putting up threads, one by one, coming out of the water and reaching the fasade of the old electric power station of the upper part of the village. The piece is called Ur vatten (Out of Water) and you can see all the sound works during the summer.

The participating artists are:
Heidi M Wee and Kimmo Modig, Finland, Yngvild Færøj and Siri Austen and Sössa Jörgenssen, Norway, Helena Persson, Sweden, Hannes Nilsson, Sweden, Dan Fröberg, Sweden, Mikael Bojen, Sweden and Rickard Widerberg, Sweden.

The exhibition is open June 15 – Aug 12, Fri-Sun, 11 – 16 pm.

Here you can read some articles about the exibition:

Alingsås tidning
Nääs fabrikers website


ENTER Mölndal

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Here´s the website of ENTER Mölndal that was introduced June 15. Through the project I recorded the field recordings with binaural microphones on spot, the subaquatic recordings with a hydrophone in the rapids of the village and the voice of Marika in a studio. During the post production process the team and I worked simultaneously to get the sound design and sound art to work with the additional videos and technical solutions.

ENTER Mölndal is the result of the project Gestaltade platser, medskapande historia i närmiljön (Envisioned places, co-creation in local neighbourhoods) run by Mölndals stadsmuseum in collaboration with RISE Interactive and Marika Hedemyr Projects.

Visit ENTER Mölndal.


New collaboration with Marika Hedemyr

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In June you will be able to experience Kvarnbyn in Mölndal historically, through your mobile phone. Right now we are preparing this interactive experience and next week I put on my binaurals at the spot to do some more recordings and soundscapes. Keep your eyes open for ENTER Mölndal!

This project is initiated by the City Museum of Mölndal in collaboration with RISE Interactive doing the technical solutions & screenwriter and interaction researcher Marika Hedemyr. The project aims to rise the historical knowledge about the area. More is to come!

June 15 and onwards is the time to visit Mölndal! See you there!

First part of the film Konstnärligt arbete pågår med Kerstin Bergendal

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During the spring 2018 we had three recording sessions with the artist Kerstin Bergendal who gathered politicians and civil servants in the city of Halmstad for a workshop. Österskans – the old bus station – is the starting point for exploring the decision making and power relations whithin the municipality, while developing this particular common space.

The work was realized as one out of three processes within the Art Inside Out residencies called “Konstnärligt arbete pågår”, in Halmstad, Sweden, Jan – June 2018. Part 2 and 3 will be released before this summer.

Photo and editing: Kristina Meiton
Sound engineer and sound design: Helena Persson

Here is part 1. Enjoy!

Klass 3B´s äventyr on Vimeo

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The film “Klass 3B´s äventyr” is an art work by Sarah Schmidt and was exhibited at the Art Centre in Hammarkullen, Sweden, Sept 1 – Nov 10, 2017. For one day we followed the class on a tram heading for the train station of Göteborg, where the kids experienced a photo machine. Here is the edition that was looped during the exhibition period. Enjoy!

Photo: Kristina Meiton
Editor: Rasmus Ohlander
Sound: Helena Persson
Producer: Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson (GoldDigger Productions)

Klass 3B´s äventyr from sarah schmidt on Vimeo.

Podcast Art Inside Out – Byggstudion

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Here´s another podcast I edited for Art Inside Out in October. In this podcast you will hear the designers Hanna Nilsson and Sofia Østerhus from Byggstudio and the architect Simon Poulsgaard. They discuss identity, places and dreams in the municipality of Falkenberg, Sweden. With focus on design they explore the relation between the city and the rural areas that surrounds it.

Interview: Petra Johansson, Editing: Helena Persson
Read more: artinsideout.se/residence/skapa-d…ar-forma-platser/

Podcast Art Inside Out – Samir Alj Fält

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Here´s the podcast “Future dreams of the young ones” that I edited 2 months ago for Art Inside Out in Halland.

Samir Alj Fält tells us about his work and collaboration with his young design fellows at the school in Slöinge. He met them through his recidency “Create dreams – build places” at Art Inside Out. In the podcast we also hear the voices of people who worked with Samir Alj Fält in Slöinge during the process.

Interview: Petra Johansson
Editing: Helena Persson
More info: artinsideout.se/residence/skapa-d…ar-forma-platser/