Hovering Abode Part II at CHROmOOs Festival, DasMoosdorf

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April 5-6, Moosdorf-Korrektive, Berlin, Germany.

DasMoosdorf, a new cultural venue at Treptower park, run by the Moosdorf-Korrektiv e.V., will open its gates to the public for the first time during a 36-hour festival at the beginning of April. Apart from an extensive music program on two stages with acknowledged musicians and Dj’s, the festival offers a platform for contemporary dance and performance as well as a mini-film festival.

Once again Eduardo da Conceição and I get to work together with the Hovering Abode series. At the festival you will find Hovering Abode Part II, which is an extension and development of the previous sound art piece Hovering Abode. This work is a collaborative artistic research and it will be an interdisciplinary experiment when it comes to both inspiration and expression. As soon as we start building, we know more about the process…

Will we meet in Berlin April 5 – 6? Hope so!

Jan 18-27, The Sounding Room – words from Swedish Radio!

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Listen to Kulturnytt, Swedish Radio, at the exhibition! Jump to 3.04 min!


Jan 18, Opening Ceremony – The Sounding Room

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The Sounding Room is an experimental exhibition made by students from the Composition Program at The Academy of Music and Theatre in Göteborg. The installation Hovering Abode, made by Helena Persson and Eduardo Conceição (Berlin) is one of the pieces that will be presented at this exhibition.

Hovering Abode is an interdisciplinary experiment when it comes to both inspiration and expression. After seeing a drawing painted by the portuguese artist and architect Eduardo Conceição, Helena started developing her thoughts about the mobile life and its pros and cons, into a sounding scenario. The picture became the starting point of a correspondance built on pictures, photos, texts and words between the two of them. From this material a sketch evolved that later became an installation embodied in sound and architecture. Hovering Abode is a sounding sculpture, containing 6 speakers, surrounded by 4 speakers in a room. The sounds in the installation are field recordings.

Welcome to the Opening Cermony, Jan 18, 6 pm!

The Sounding Room
Jan 18, 6 pm, Opening Ceremony
Jan 18-27, Exhibition (Opening Hours: Tue-Sun, 12-5 pm, Wed, 12-7 pm)
Röda Sten, Göteborg, Sweden

Read more about the work between Helena Persson and Eduardo Conceição!

Sounding Architecture

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It has been a busy week in Berlin starting up the construction of the future sounding sculpture created by Helena Persson and Eduardo Conceição. The Hovering Abode, as it is called, is the first joint collaboration between the two when it comes to art. The swedish-portuguese duo met in Stockholm while working on a theatre play for The Fringe Festival, where Eduardo made the scenography and Helena was doing sound and light. You will be able to experience the Hovering Abode at the exhibition called “The Sounding Room”, Jan 18-27, Röda Sten, Göteborg, Sweden.

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