Hovering Abode II

Sound installation / sculpture
4 + 3-4 channels – Helena Persson
Sculpture – Eduardo da Conceição

In April 2014, me and Eduardo da Conceição started working on an extension and development of our previous sound art piece Hovering Abode, created and exhibited in 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden. As its predecessor, Hovering Abode Part II is a sound art piece combined with wood works. This work is a collaborative artistic research and an interdisciplinary experiment when it comes to both inspiration and expression. This time we invite the audience to a vertical interpretation of the environment and are interested in exploring parallel worlds, perspectives, illusions, dimensions and reflections.

The sculpture will host four speakers, combined with three or four more in the surrounding room. The sounds will be an extension and development of the piece Visited, included in one of the speakers of the sculpture in the previous Hovering Abode.

This is a preview of the work so far, made at Ida Nowhere in Neuköln, Berlin. The work that started in April should have been exhibited in June at the postponed CHROmOOs Festival in Berlin. We are now eagerly waiting for the new festival dates and will get back to you as soon as new dates are published!


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