In collaboration with Butoh Dancer Frauke

March 7th, 2013 § 0 comments

Libration, is the name of an upcoming collaboration between Frauke and Helena Persson at Textival, March 23.

Frauke, butoh dancer and choreographer, and sound artist Helena Persson, are forming an installation and live performance, where the dancer is syncronized with the room and the materials of the installation. The choreography and sounds are created in close relation to one another. The performance is to be simultaneously followed and written about by the writer Kristofer Folkhammar.

“Vi rör oss hela tiden tillbaka mot dygnets mörka timmar, men ser både dag och natt i horisontens rand. I de dovaste tillstånd, ryms en förtätad aktivitet. Den minsta svängning tas emot med den största intensitet. I ett tillstånd som vi inte vill lämna, som nattens mörker hjälper att förstärka, finns det som är vaket.”

See you there!

March 23, 7.30 pm,
Kristallbaren, Stora Teatern

Read more about Frauke and Textival







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